Thank you for a Great 2022!

As many of you know, last February (after working here since I was 15!!) my wife, Amanda, and I purchased Kimball Fruit Farm from Carl and Marie Hills.  While we were excited to fulfill our dream of owning and operating a farm and were lucky enough to take over an already successful operation, we also had a long road of learning and discovery ahead of us in terms of small business management, marketing, and finding the balance between running a farm and raising two small children.  I am writing this post as a way of thanking each and every one of you for not only continuing to support Kimball Fruit Farm, but going out of your way to offer us your congratulations, encouragement, and feedback - Amanda and I could not have made it through our first year in business without each and every one of you!

We have done our best to run Kimballs with the intention of providing everyone the opportunity to experience our fresh picked produce, our beautiful farmland, and our sustainable agricultural practices.  The intended side effect of this is that our transactions become relationships and our customers become a community.  We know this objective was successfully completed this year in that although our overhead costs were too high, our number of employees was too low, and this area experienced our worst drought in almost a decade you all not only continued to give us your business but also encouraged us with your words, your patience, and your understanding.  From the bottom of our hearts, we are immeasurably grateful!

We are excited to see you all again in 2023!  Be on the look out for our photo contest, 2023 Bloom Boxes going on sale, and other updates about Harvest Boxes and Farmers Markets.  

Stay Happy and Healthy,

David and Amanda

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