Field Trips at Kimball Fruit Farm


Welcome to Kimball Fruit Farm! We are pleased you are considering our farm for your field trip!  At Kimballs we strive to give our community access to sustainably grown produce while protecting the environment and engaging others in the conversation of agriculture. We’re so glad you’re choosing our small, family farm to share with your students/group. Included in all field trips is a greeting from one of our farmers or staff followed by brief tours of our solar panels, greenhouses, and cooler where we store our fruits and veggies year-round. What happens next is up to you! Included here is essentially an a-la-carte activities list. You let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll add it to your official quote and event contract. Please note that PYO activities are self-guided. If your group is large enough to have to split into smaller groups for PYO, we ask that all small groups adhere to a proper adult-to-student ratio as established/recommended by your institution.


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