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Changing with the Time

In the face of COVID-19, we knew that we had to offer an alternative way to get your produce. While we will continue to offer all of our produce as we have in the past, we're also excited to offer our Harvest Boxes as a new, fast way to get fresh fruits and vegetables with zero touch.

Order your Harvest Box by 2PM, two days before your local Farmers Market, and we'll pick it, pack it, and have ready for you to pickup. You'll simply state your name, the email that you used to purchase it online and we'll collect your box full of fresh produce from our truck. Better yet, order as far ahead as you'd like! No more missing out on strawberries in July just because you decided to sleep in.

Forget to order? No worries, our produce will still be available for sale as it has been in the past. 

Order Ahead

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