Fostering simpler times through bringing produce and families together

David and I (Amanda) are excited to welcome you to Kimball Fruit Farm online. At Kimballs we strive to give our community access to sustainably grown produce while protecting the environment and engaging others in the conversation of agriculture. Our mission is, through both our Pepperell farm stand and Boston farmers markets, to provide local families the opportunity to enjoy healthy food together. 

The land Kimball Fruit Farm occupies has been agricultural land since the 1700s (in fact, our hilltop picnic area where you can enjoy views of both the sunrise and sunset sits atop the filled-in foundation of the original colonial house and barn). In the late 1960s Harold Hills bought the property from the Kimball brothers, keeping the name Kimball and starting a wholesale apple business.  In the early 1990s Harold’s son and daughter-in-law, Carl and Marie Hills, bought the business and property from him and protected the development rights - preserving it in perpetuity for agricultural use. Carl and Marie diversified the production of the farm to include different vegetables and fruit, built a farm stand, and began selling at farmer’s markets. In 2022, they retired, selling Kimball Fruit Farm to David and I.  Previous to the sale, David had been employed and mentored by Carl for eighteen years - over half his life!  We are both immeasurably grateful and honored that they have given us and our family the opportunity to continue their legacy. 

Finally, just like our trees, we are constantly pruning and shaping our programs to thrive in their current environment. If you see anything that needs to be updated, we encourage you to email your feedback to info@kimball.farm. We would also love for you to follow us on social media and share with everyone your Kimball Fruit Farm adventures and experiences. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thank you for visiting our website - we look forward to seeing you in person at our farm stand or any of our farmer’s markets.


Stay healthy and well,

Amanda and David Wadleigh

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