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Monday, April 22nd, 2024

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Farmstand: Open 9-6 Daily


Good morning and happy Earth Day!

Our opening weekend was a huge success - we are so grateful to our visiting artists for sharing their time and talent with our community and we are so grateful to all of you who came out to support us for our opening week!

Today is Earth Day and we invite you to do something to show your appreciation for our planet (some ideas below). Join us with your kiddos TOMORROW for our Earth Day Children's Program. Kids will hear earth appreciation themed stories read aloud and have the opportunity to create their own cosmos seed starter out of recycled, biodegradable materials! We'll be out on our hill at 11am tomorrow ready to greet you!

Here's some Earth-appreciation activities pulled straight from our Children's Program activity sheet you might want to try this week!

- When you go to the beach or on a hike, if you notice trash on the beach or in the water, pick it up and put it in the appropriate bin (trash or recycling).

- Take a shorter shower or fill your bathtub up a little less to help conserve water.

- If you don’t drink all the water in your cup, see if you can give it to any houseplants or plants in the garden that need watering. It’s great when we can share our leftovers with our plant friends!

- Use your biodegradable waste (think banana peels, apple cores, and veggie scraps) and make a compost! When all of those food scraps break down, they provide wonderful nutrients for plants and soil!

- Plant a tree. Trees release oxygen which helps keep our air clean and fresh. They also act as homes for so many wild critters that need them. Plant a tree to help improve the air and to share a cozy spot for a wild animal that needs one.

- Buy locally-made products and locally-grown food, or make and grow your own when you can! This can cut down on fuel used to transport products and food from far away and supports a healthier atmosphere.

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Items Available to Pick Up This Week:

*Please note that while these items are currently being harvested and sold at our locations, there is no guarantee that every single item will be transported to every one of our farmers markets. If there’s an item you absolutely need, please consider placing a pickup order with us beforehand.

(Note: Herb supply may vary depending on demand)









Swiss Chard

Bok Choy


Salad Mix

Apple Cider

Apple Cider Donuts


Herb Plants

Cool Weather Veggie Plants

Pansies, Violets, & Petunias

Hanging Plants


Upcoming Produce


Expected in May:



Veggie & Tomato Plants


Expected in June



Early Cucumbers

Summer Squash


Latest News

Join us for our first Children's Program of the season, tomorrow, April 23rd at 11am. This week's program is Earth Day themed, and we would love if you could share the morning with us!

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Harvest and Fruit Boxes are NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER! All season pass purchases are 10% OFF if you order in the month of April.

NEW to our Harvest Box program this year:

- Mini Box size options

- Bi-Weekly Options

- Kimball Fruit Farm Harvest Box Community Forum: A great place to trade veggies and recipes!

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We are happy to be hosting a Twilight Meeting for the UNH Extension this season! These monthly meetings provide a space for tree fruit farmers to gather and learn more about a range of agricultural topics such as growing techniques, research updates, farm business, pest management, and much more. The meeting we host in May will be all about solar energy, irrigation automation, and IPM!

Learn more here


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