This Week's Harvest Box

November 16th - November 22nd

What's in my Harvest Box this week?  



Apple Cider

Macoun Apples

Pink Lady Apples

Cauliflower or Romanesco

Brussels Sprouts



Acorn Squash

Delicata Squash





What’s in my Fruit Box This Week?

Apple Cider

Pink Lady Apples

Fuji Apples

Macoun Apples

A little more info:

  • Contents of the Harvest Box are updated weekly, every Thursday. The list on this page will be updated weekly, every Wednesday evening.
  • Since everything in your harvest box is picked fresh daily, some inventory may be substituted out, based on what we have that morning. Any substitutions will be noted on this page.
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I haven't purchased a Harvest Box season pass, but this looks interesting. Can I buy a single box to try it out?
Sure can! Click here!