We've made some great changes to our Harvest Boxes, thanks to YOU!

Harvest Boxes:

We Asked, You Answered, We Listened!

A few months ago, we sent out a survey to our customers (you!) asking about what you liked, didn't like, and what changes you'd like to see in our Harvest Box program, and your feedback was immeasurably helpful! We have some great changes for this year's Harvest Boxes, thanks to your feedback, and we'd like to share with you all what we have in store!


Changes We've Made Based on Common Feedback

Change 1: We've made it easier to learn what's in your Harvest Box.

Last year, we introduced a QR code that was stuck to the side of your Harvest Box that directed you to a “This Week’s Harvest Box Page.” The page included the contents of each week’s box plus a link to our recipe page. We were surprised to learn in our survey that over 75% of you didn’t know the QR code or the page existed! We are still going to use the QR code this year, but we are going to make sure to include a “Welcome to you Harvest Box” insert in every customer’s first Harvest Box to make sure returning customers are reminded of this service and to make sure new Harvest Box customers are informed of all the services provided with their Harvest Box purchase! We also received feedback on the accuracy and update speed of the Harvest Box page, and we have made internal improvements in our Harvest Box system to make sure our Harvest Box leaders and web/social media leaders are communicating effectively to ensure close monitoring of Harvest Boxes and their variety.


Change 2: We've added more variety in our Harvest Box sizes and time between pickups to suit your household needs.

We learned that for a lot of you, the amount of food in your Harvest Box did not match the consumption needs of your households. We have added a couple options to address this: We’ve introduced a mini-box size about half the size of our small box for those of you who learned that a 25lb box of produce is too much for your household, and we’ve introduced a bi-weekly pickup option - you can now pick up a Harvest Box every other week instead of weekly to give you more time to use up your fruits and veggies before you restock your kitchen.


Change 3: We're providing recipe ideas and creating the opportunity for Kimball customers to trade ideas and produce.

Last year, we developed a recipe page on our website to give you ideas on what to do with everything we grow, but similar to the “What’s in my Harvest Box” page, very few of our customers were aware it existed. This year, the recipe page will be included on that welcome insert in your first Harvest Box AND we will provide featured recipes at the top of that page each week that uses some of the produce included in your box. Another thing we’ve done to help here is the creation of our Kimball Fruit Farm Harvest Box Community Forum. Because our Harvest Boxes are filled with a variety of produce based on what we've picked that day there may have been times where you received a fruit or veggie you didn’t prefer to eat or cook with. We want to provide a solution by inviting all our Harvest and Fruit Box customers to a private Facebook group to communicate and create community with each other. This can be a place for you to say, “I don’t like carrots, does anyone want to trade/take these off my hands?” or “I just tried this sorrel soup recipe and it was fantastic - sharing the recipe with you all in case you’re looking for something to do with your sorrel this week!” We’re hoping that this will help you find a destination or purpose for unwanted or unfamiliar veggies while also connecting you with other Kimball’s customers in your area - we love an opportunity to create community when can!


Thank you again to all of our customers who responded to our survey. It was so helpful to learn what has and hasn’t been working for you with our Harvest Boxes, and we’re happy to make improvements to our processes to create a better customer experience for you. If you have any questions or would like to follow up with us on this, please respond directly to this email. We’re happy to chat!

If you were on the fence about getting a Harvest Box this year and this has made you more hopeful or excited about our product, we would love for you to be a Harvest Box customer this year. Sales begin April 1st, and all season passes purchased in the month of April will be discounted 10% off at checkout. If you would like to receive an email reminder from us to order your Harvest Box pass once sales open, click on the “Send me a Reminder” button below. Thank you so much again - making our customers happy is at the forefront of what we do. We’re so excited to share our fruits and veggies with you again this year!


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